CREPN #85 - Clean Carpet with Josh McKeown

CREPN #85 – Clean Carpet Makes Easy Rental with Joshua McKeown

J. Darrin Gross Podcast

Clean Carpet is a must for landlords looking to attract new tenants.  The cost to replace carpet is significantly more than the cost to clean it if cleaning is possible.  


The prospective tenant’s first look at an available unit is a lasting one.  Stains, smells, and worn spots will keep a tenant from renting your unit. 

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If your market has low vacancy rates, you may be able to get away with less attractive carpet.  However in a market with higher vacancies where tenants have more opportunity to chose from available units, you will need attractive flooring to compete. 


Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of carpet varies from five to ten years depending on quality of carpet, traffic, care, etc  It is estimated with regular cleaning that the life can be extended up to twice the average.


Cleaning Frequency

The manufacturers recommend that you clean the carpet once per year.  Realistically, this may be more timed to tenant turnover.  Some landlords and property managers offer free annual cleaning to their tenants.  This can be a smart way of gaining access to the property to inspect for any needed repairs, as well while extending the life of your carpet.  


Cost of Accepting Pets

Many tenants have pets, and landlords are willing to accommodate.  Oils in the pet’s coat combined with the size and type of a pet, can accelerate the need to clean and cost to replace the carpet sooner.  This is something to consider when agreeing to allow tenants with pets.  


How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

The IICRC provides the carpet cleaners with training and ongoing education for professionals wanting to stay on top of the latest tools and techniques for cleaning carpet.  This designation is a good starting point to look for when considering a carpet cleaner to hire.  

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