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What are your Commercial Real Estate Communication Options? – CREPN #39

J. Darrin Gross Podcast

Communication changes.  What are your Commercial Real Estate Communication Options?continue to change.  Until recently, if you wanted Telephone, TV & Internet, you might have had three different providers.  Now all three can be provided by anyone of a number of different companies throughout the world.  Today, most homes have more bandwidth coming into them than the SUM of bandwidth NASA had twenty years ago.  


Recently I spoke with Jon Arnold of JA Communications Group Inc about the current and near future for Communication Options in Commercial Real Estate.

Cell phones and wireless devices can confuse consumers to thinking there is not a need for a connection to a landline.  However the volume of data that is transmitted is continuously increasing and demanding faster transmission rates for more volume, requiring bigger solutions.  

Sales for telephone, television and internet communications are provided one of two ways:

  • Direct through a provider sales force
  • Through an Agent representing multiple communication companies.  The Agent model provides the same cost to the consumer as the direct sales model.  The Agent has access to multiple communication companies which allows the agent to assess the client  needs and offer a communication company that is a best match.

Options for communication connections and bandwidth include:

  • Non-Guaranteed bandwidth provides for only a “best effort “ amount of bandwidth:
    • DSL
    • Cable
  • Guaranteed bandwidth, guarantees the amount of bandwidth provided.  

There are multiple types of service available.  Before selecting a service, it is best to have an understanding of what your needs are.

Questions that need to be considered when selecting a communication company:

  • Useage
    • What are your needs not just today, but allowing room for growth.
    • If your needs change, is the system adaptable to change with the client needs.  An agent can help his client with this.
    • The demand for bandwidth continues to increase.
  • What equipment do you need?
    • PBX: phone hardware is provided in the cloud by the communication company which reduces the capital expenditure
    • Dedicated Circuit: Guarantees the bandwidth
      • Small office with 3-4 employees, cable or DSL can work
  • More that 3-4 people will the benefits of a dedicated circuit
    • Cost for a dedicated circuit for data only can compare favorably with the cost of Cable of DSL
  • T1
  • 10 meg fiber ethernet

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For more information go to:

Jon Arnold, President

JA Communications Group Inc

Telarus Technical Consultant

Office:  888-874-3837


JA Communications Inc, is an Agent for Telarus, a master agent representing 40+ First Tier Communications Companies nationwide.