Commercial Real Estate Types with Doug Marshall - CREPN #56

Commercial Real Estate Investor Types with Doug Marshall – CREPN #56

J. Darrin Gross Podcast

What’s your type is a popular tease on the grocery store tabloids, but have you ever thought about grading your commercial real estate investor?


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Doug Marshall with Marshall Commercial Funding  and I discuss some very distinct commercial real estate client types and the different opportunities each brings whether it is a teaching moment or a learning opportunity.

Commercial Real Estate Investor Types:


This is the one we hope to always have as a client.  He has excellent commercial real estate experience.  She knows the ropes but also respect what you bring to the table. They realize you are an important cog in the wheel and they don’t grumble about the fee you earn.


The Wicked Client knowingly withholds adverse information from you about the property or about himself in order to get the best possible outcome for himself.  She has no problem cutting ethical corners if that is what it takes. He hopes that whatever he is hiding will stay hidden just long enough to get the deal done.


The Simple Client thinks he knows more about commercial real estate than he actually does. He generally has an over inflated ego and as a rule does not trust anyone’s judgment but his own. If left to his own ways, the outcome of the transaction will get done but it will likely be a more painful process and have a less favorable outcome than if he would have taken your experienced counsel.


This client is the most vulnerable and the easiest to take advantage of. He really shouldn’t own commercial real estate.  She doesn’t even know what questions to ask. 

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