CREPN # 16 Commercial Real Estate Marketplace Disruption with Lee Honish

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Lee Honish

Lee Honish

CREPN # 16  Commercial Real Estate Marketplace Disruption with Lee Honish.

Guest Lee Honish discusses the Traditional CRE marketplace and the leverage the internet will bring to the Commercial Real Estate Market.

What value do you bring to your clients and prospects?  Value is the key to remain relevant.


Lee is:

  • ADVOCATE, Author, Real Estate Consultant and FORMER Head Loss Mitigator: IndyMac Bank with 22+ years Asset Management background
  • For the past three years Lee Honish has conducted more than 500 seminars, training over 40 thousand agents how to rescue families from the nightmare of foreclosure. “It is not as difficult to work with the banks as people have led you to believe. Banks want to sell these properties, not own them,” says Honish.
  • Honish had a 20+ year career as a foreclosure asset manager/loss mitigator working for large mortgage lenders. Early in 2007, he knew that agents needed to know what the banks know in order to close short sales in record time. He developed a program that has a 99% close ratio, which is both astonishing and truly making a difference. “It is satisfying to provide useful education to a group of professionals in our nation that desperately need to work together. Real estate professionals just need to put the right strategy to work for them, so they can be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.”
  • I no longer work for Short Sale Genius.

CREPN # 16  Commercial Real Estate Marketplace Disruption with Lee Honish

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