CREPN #21 Investigating Cyber Crime with Chuck Palmer

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The news about Cyber Crime and Data Breaches tend to focus on big companies / governments that have been attacked by foreign cyber thieves.  The reality is that most small businesses have a direct threat inside their organization.


Chuck Palmer is the President of Covalent Business Consulting, an IT consultant that works with customers network security for the twenty first century.

What is your Cyber Crime Risk?

We dive into topics including:

How to secure your network

Threats External vs Internal

  •  Physical Security
  • Employees
  • Client Info
  • Company Data

PCI Compliant

  • Credit Cards rule; what are your obligations?
  • Keeping the info separate
  • Storage requirements
  • New cards coming to increase security

Directors & Officers responsibilities:

  • Negligence claims against Board Members, owners, and managers.

Small Company list of concerns and what they should do:

  • Data Security
  • Online Backup
  • Procedures
  • Documented Procedures
  • Insurance
  • Review on a regular basis

For more information, please contact Chuck Palmer at: / 612-201-9090 (Mobile).

CREPN #21  Investigating Cyber Crime with Chuck Palmer

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