#CREPN 23: Commercial Financing Tips with Darryl Dahlen

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Darryl Dahlen Global Solutions

Darryl Dahlen Global Solutions

From a post in the Facebook Group, Commercial Real Estate Network regarding a refinance of a 400 unit apartment complex, I learned about Darryl Dahlen & his company Global Solutions. I invited him on CREPN Radio to share commercial financing tips with our audience.



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  • We will dive into various topics with Darryl regarding:
  • Current Marketplace Opportunities for Investors:
  • Areas of the country where undervalued opportunities still exist
  • Rates of appreciation year over year
  • Types of financing
  • Purchase
  • Purchase & Rehab
  • Refinance / Cash Out
  • Length of ownership operating required for consideration

Global Solutions is an experienced commercial brokerage with years of experience that specializes in funding commercial real estate loans for domestic and international clients.

Our business model is based on leveraging our strong lender relationships that have been formed over many years to bring our clients the best terms possible.

Using a “square peg square hole” approach we use our 10 years of lending experience to match a loan with appropriate lender.

We have an array of loan products which allows us to be extremely flexible and competitive. We can arrange financing using SBA, USDA, HUD, Fannie/Freddie, bank loans, CMBS lenders, bridge loans, and hard money or private money.

While our focus in multifamily properties, we are well-versed in many asset classes and welcome any owner-occupied or non-owner occupied properties that are:

  • Assisted Living
  • Office/Medical
  • Office flex
  • Light Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Self-Storage
  • Strip malls/Shopping Centers
  • Stabilized Hotels

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