CREPN#3 Kicking Crime out of Your Apartment Community with Brent Sobol

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Brent Sobol

Brent Sobol

CREPN #3 Kicking Crime out of Your Apartment Community with Brent Sobol of Sobol Realty and Legacy Community Housing Corporation provides insight into crime problems in apartment communities, stories about properties he has successfully turned to crime free, and steps that landlords and management can implement to change their property from a crime zone to a crime FREE zone.


Brent has ownership in 3000 units and is actively engaged in the daily operation and management of property in Atlanta, GA.  Brent’s non profit organization promotes respectable affordable housing as well as educates the apartments industry on crime free housing best practices.

Brent explains the economics and transformative opportunity to be a responsible landlord and make a difference by providing clients, tenants, a safe place to live.

Brent tells how he purchased a problem property and made the decision to fight to make the property a desirable place to live for his tenants.  Brent believes it takes hard work, but the reward is worth it.

Brent is active in Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement and other service organizations, Brent was the recipient of the J.C. Penney United Way Volunteer of the Year Award as well as the Congressional Silver Medal for over 500 hours of volunteerism.

In 2007 and 2008, Brent was a back to back winner of the highest professional honor in the apartments industry, the National Apartment Association (NAA) Paragon Award.  In 2009, the Atlanta Police Department bestowed upon Brent the first ever Citizen of the Year Award for pioneering efforts to reduce crime and create safer neighborhoods in Southwest Atlanta.

Brent is a third generation real estate professional, Brent holds a Georgia real estate license and is a member of the Atlanta Apartment Association, Atlanta Jaycees, Washington University Regional Alumni Board.  He has taught real estate investing and property management to numerous groups and in conjunction with the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association and NAA.

Kicking Crime Out of Your Apartment Community with Brent Sobol

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