CREPN #62 - How to Get Found Online

CREPN #62 – How to Get Found Online with David Klein

J. Darrin Gross Podcast

Are you good at making sure you get found online?

Do you have a brand?  Do you rely on your employer’s site?  Are you creating opportunities for you sales staff?

Do you Push or Pull?

What are you doing to get found?

The worldwide web creates opportunities for the savvy marketer and competition for those who are not.


David Klein with RevLocal is an online marketing expert who is passionate about helping businesses stand out online so customers can find them.  A good online presence can propel your real estate investment strategy.

When business is going well, and sales are easy, business owners tend to forget about the constant need to have an online presence.

Rules for marketing online that will help you get found.
  1. Know your audience.  This is fairly obvious, but worth mentioning.  Who are your clients, let’s find more.
  2. Brand – When you know you are, by name, logo, tagline, punctuation, etc. don’t mess with it.  Make certain that every time you post, the information is the same.  Ie; if in one post you list your business as “123 CRE” and another time you list it as “123 CRE LLC”, you are diluting your efforts.  Be the brand.
  3. Content – Create useful content for your audience.  If you have industrial space for lease, create or find and repost information useful to tenants of industrial space.  Get specific.  The deeper the better.  
    1. Pictures & Videos get higher ranking
  4. Consistency – At a minimum, you have to post something once a month and more often is better.  Your goal is to make sure machines can find you.
  5. Don’t wait to start.  Like most good marketing, it takes time to develop traction.  With the right plan and commitment, more opportunities should develop within 60 – 90 days.  If you have a good presence established, you will be more prepared for the next economic downturn.
  6. Make sure your information is mobile friendly.
  7. Have a presence on all of the major search engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, etc.  

If you don’t have the understanding, knowhow or want to do this, get some help.

Contact David Klein at RevLocal for a consultation to see what you can do.

m (503)592-0627

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