CREPN #19 How to Catch and Eliminate Crime at Your Property with Clayton Burnett

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Clayton Burnett

Clayton Burnet

Property Crime can be a real problem, from graffiti to unwanted visitors to violent crime.

If you have a property with a high level of criminal activity, what can you do to reduce it?

What can you do to make your property a safe place for your residents to live?  How can you make your property an attractive place for your residents and prospective residents?


Why is crime happening at your property?

Video Surveillance may be part of your solution.

Perhaps the environmental design needs to be adjusted.

Do you have an activity generator on your property to create a sense of community?

All of this should be considered to catch and eliminate bad actors on your property.

Guest Clayton Burnett with Watchtower Security discuss the problem and what can be done with Video Surveillance.

Clayton’s background:

  • Watchtower Security for five years and will serves Watchtower as the West Coast Business Development / Project Manager.
  • Serves as a project manager for Watchtower, with more than 12 years of project management experience.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design specialist.
  • Speaks regularly conferences and workshops and his experience lends itself well towards the design of each of the communities we serve.
  • Actively involved with the Apartment Association of Kansas City, and is currently serving his first term on the board.
  • Chairman for several apartment association committees.
  • Prior to Watchtower Security, Clayton served as a consultant to the banking and credit union industries.
  • Actively involved with Kansas City’s chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

CREPN #19  How to Catch and Eliminate Bad Actors at Your Property with Clayton Burnett

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