CREPN #74 - Leadership with Miles Anthony Smith

CREPN #74 – Leadership with Miles Anthony Smith

J. Darrin Gross Podcast

Let me tell you about my boss!  That’s not what the book titled, Why Leadership Sucks by Miles Anthony Smith is about.  Instead, the author shares experience and stories of what he has learned in over fifteen years as a manager leading multiple companies and nonprofits and the challenges leaders face.


In light of the new year, I welcomed the opportunity to talk with Miles Anthony Smith about the challenges leaders face and what they can do to become better leaders.

Most Real Estate professionals are able to go it alone and survive.  In order to push past the limitations of doing it all by yourself, you have to find help.  If you have no experience, nor clarity on the task or process you are expecting help with, prepare to be disappointed.

Small business is full of owners who are excellent at sales, but have no clue how to lead others.

My experience working for others has shown me that there are two types of Leaders:

  • Those with titles and threats to get what they want from others
  • Those who inspire and have true followers willing to do what must be done

Leading others is not easy.  In order to be a great leader, one must invest time, and thought, to develop skills.  Skills that include analysis and communication.  If the job description is not clear it’s a pretty good bet that you will not get what you need, and end up with two frustrated people, you and those you are trying to lead.  

Trust is a key ingredient for a successful leader.  If the staff feels threatened, and that they could lose their job if they provide input reflecting what is instead of what the leader expects, the staff will only provide the answers the boss wants to hear.

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