CREPN #163 - How to Conquer Your Fear Leave Your W2 For Success Investing in Real Estate with Dan Handford

CREPN #163 – How to Conquer Your Fear Leave Your W2 For Success Investing in Real Estate with Dan Handford

J. Darrin Gross Podcast, Real Estate

Conquer your fears so you can leave your W2 job and have success investing in Real Estate.

The investors journey is full of hurdles, road blocks, growth opportunities, and setbacks.  

Dan Handford with Handford Capital is a serial entrepreneur.  He has faced the fear, made a plan and acted with relentless intention and achieved.  When he sets a goal, he runs forward full throttle with relentless intention towards accomplishing his goal. All the while he keeps his eyes open for the next opportunity.

Because, when you reach a goal, you’re not done.  Instead, you have to take the next step In order to continue your growth.  Sometimes you have to take a few steps backwards before you can go forward.

Fear of the Unknown

Fear can be paralyzing.  If your goal is to escape what you know, the W2 job that provides for your family to become a full time Real Estate Investor, what’s holding you back?

For most of us, it’s the fear of change.  

To reach your destination, you have to be willing to leave your driveway and accept that you will make mistakes.  So get comfortable with that.

You don’t have to act with blind faith. But sometimes, you have to let go and trust what you have learned, and do the work.

Success Through the Fear

Here are Dan’s action steps to get through the fear of moving forward.

  • Have the support of your family.
    • If you are married, it’s important to have agreement from your spouse.
  • Prepare for departure from our W2 job.  
    • Six months of salary saved is a good cushion to give you enough time to determine if your plan will work.
  • Determine your worst case scenario?
    • If it happens, could you go back to your W2 job or one in the same field?
  • Make your decision quickly.
    • The longer you delay taking action, the longer it will take to be successful.
  • Be relentless!
    • Your chances of success increase dramatically if you are relentless.
  • When a door closes, look for your next opportunity.

Remember, if you don’t try, you are guaranteed you will not fail but you will also never have the success you wanted.  

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