CREPN #97 - Local Real Estate Equals BIG Opportunities with Brian Murray

CREPN #97 – Local Real Estate Equals BIG Opportunities with Brian Murray

J. Darrin Gross Podcast

A local real estate investor can grow big, and gain efficiencies not available to investors who spread their portfolio over multiple markets.  


Brian Murray, founder of Washington Street Properties shares how he moved from his position as a college professor to a full time real estate investor in Watertown, NY.   His focus on local real estate has created multiple opportunities for growth and the ability to contain expenses.  

Advantages to investing in local real estate

There is no substitute to seeing your portfolio daily.  If you find something is not right, you can address it immediately.  This nips the problem in the bud and can reduce the cost of the fix.

Local knowledge provides you the real time ability to know if your rents are too high or too low, and to make adjustments accordingly.  This helps maximize income.

Opportunities for growth

When you are visible in the community, brokers, owners and potential tenants know who you are.  Brokers and Property owners looking for a buyer will contact you first because they know what you have done and that you can close.  

When you have more properties in a single market, you can accommodate tenants needs for more or less space  

Contracts for service.  

Many investors focus on just one asset class which supports the notion of specialization.  However, if you specialize in one local market, you can gain pricing advantages from vendors not otherwise available.  The same service provider for roofing, electrical, parking lots, plumbing, carpet cleaning, lawn care, etc. can service multiple properties for you.  When vendors have the opportunity to do more work for you, they are willing to provide a discount.

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Brian’s book:  Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It Big

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