Real Estate Investing Strategies with Jake & Gino – CREPN #49

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Profitable Real Estate Investing requires strategy and discipline.   Jake & Gino have grown from zero to $32M portfolio in just three years.


Most beginners struggle to get out of the gate.  It took two years of rejection before they landed the first deal, and from there, they have never looked back.

Along the way they were methodical, kept notes, learned what not to do, and what worked.  The result is they have developed a system.  

Real Estate Investing Strategy:
  • Buy Right.
  • Manage Right,
  • Finance Right.

In order to Buy Right, you have to know what works for you and be prepared to walk away from the deal.  Every deal.

Once you have a the deal, you have to Manage Right.  Make certain the property has curb appeal so that it attracts tenants willing to pay market rents.  This can be as simple as landscaping and paint, keep the grounds picked up and free from trash.

Additional strategies can include RUBS, Ratio Utility Billing Systems which allow utilities such as water to be billed to the tenants instead of paid for by the landlord.

Finance Right.  This relies on your ability to actively market your property to local community based lenders.  To do this, you have to be able to present your numbers is the standard format the bank needs in order to evaluate your property and the opportunity, including: Rents, Expenses, Net Operating Income, and Cap Rate.  Typically a bank will look for a 1.25 debt service cover ratio.

If you want to follow the commercial real estate investment strategy that Jake and Gino, a pizza boy and a drug rep, developed to go from zero to a $32 million in in portfolio assets, check out their Wheelbarrow Profits Academy.

If you are looking for some direction from experienced investors, I encourage you to get with Jake and Gino.

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