CREPN #72 – Real Estate Education & Diversification with Jeff Wallenius

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The starting point is different for each new real estate investor.  Some go blindly into the night while others prefer to have a real estate education to be sure.  No matter where one begins, or which option they choose, the first deal is bound to be memorable.  

Commercial Real Estate investing takes capital.  Investors with little to no capital who are wanting a more predictable path often start in single family flipping, residential single family or small multiplex rentals.    


Jeff Wallenius of North Peak Investments, is a third generation firefighter and real estate investor.  Jeff started investing in real estate by flipping single family houses on his days off from the fire department.  

While comparing notes with his fellow firefighters about investments strategies and rates of return, Jeff recognized there was an opportunity to help his fellow firefighters do better with their investments through real estate.

First he spent time educating the firefighters about real estate investing, ROI, cash on cash, etc.  Soon, the group put some money together and invested as a group in different projects.  The positive experience of working with the firefighters led Jeff to start North Peak Investments with a couple of options.

Pooled Fund:

For investors who are looking for potential better returns than a savings account, investing in a real estate fund might be an option.  North Peak Investments funds invest in flips providing quick return of capital and a attractive rate of return.

One of the benefits of pooled funds, is market diversification.  Coastal cities tend to have higher entry cost point for real estate.  If the cost are too high, it can prohibit many investors from getting started.  Many midwestern cities provide lower entry cost point and comparable rents that provide greater cash flow.  

Working with a vetted team offers the chance to go to markets located elsewhere and employ a diversification strategy that can lower your risk of any single event having a negative effect on the whole portfolio.  

Turnkey Properties:

For investors more interested in owning a long term rental property, a turnkey property could be an option.

Turnkey properties have been purchased and made ready for rent.  North Peak Investments works with property managers throughout their nationwide network to provide property management for their investors, making these properties truly turnkey.

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