CREPN #4 Investment Real Estate Sale – Learn How to Keep Your Gains with Peter Harris

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Learn How to Keep Your Gains when selling real estate to build wealth.

Real Estate appreciates over time, and with that, when an investor decides to sell the property, the government is in position to collect taxes on the gain, plus all of the depreciation recapture.   The tax code also allows for the investor to transfer that risk into a like property where by delaying the tax due.


How to Keep Your Gains

The vehicle for this tax savings is the 1031 Exchange.  

If you invest in Real Estate, you have to know about this. 

The benefit is significant.  Consider the example Peter provides when looking at a paid for property with $200,000 of equity.

  • Pay the tax and net $130,000
  • Purchase a new larger property worth $800,000 using the equity from the sale.

If you do this a couple of times, you can significantly increase your estate and securing your family’s future.

This is not just a strategy for the rich, it is available to you.

Peter Harris is a leading expert in the field of commercial real estate investing. His experiences include:

  • Acquiring more than 1000 residential apartment units across the United States, focusing on large complexes, totaling over $20 million in investments.
  • Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate and Coldwell Banker agent having specialized in buying and selling commercial real estate and residential income property.
  • Personally mentored hundreds of commercial real estate investors nationwide since 2003.
  • Developed educational materials and advised the staff of well known firms such as Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad organization’ and Donald Trump’s ‘Trump University’ on how to most effectively coach and train on commercial real estate investing.
  • Co-author along side Donald Trump of the program “Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success”.
  • Co-author of the # 1 best selling commercial real estate investing book, “Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies”.
  • Author of the # 1 Amazon Kindle best seller “Commercial Real Estate for Beginners”.

Investment Real Estate Sale? Learn How to Keep Your Gains with Peter Harris

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