Why do Landlords NOT Require Tenants to Carry Renters Insurance? - CREPN #40

Why do Tenants go without Renters Insurance? – CREPN #40

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Why do Tenants go without Renters Insurance?



In order to:

  • Get a License, the law requires you have insurance.
  • Get a Loan, the Lender requires you have insurance.
  • Lease a commercial space, the Lease requires you have insurance.

What does it take to rent an apartment?

Multiple surveys of Renters report that somewhere between 56 to 72% of Renters DO NOT purchase Renters Insurance.  On multiple occasions, I have asked insurance adjusters and firemen what percent they see.  They believe the number is as high as 95% go without insurance.  

There are several myths that Renters provide for reasons not to purchase insurance:

Myth #1: “I don’t have enough stuff to need insurance coverage.”

  • Most people’s belongings are often worth more than they expect. With furniture, electronics,  microwave, appliances, clothing, photos, sports equipment, books, and jewelry; you can easily begin to reach $20,000.

Myth #2: “Since I am a renter, my landlord will cover property damages.”

  • If you are not making it clear to tenants in writing at the beginning of their residence, don’t be surprised.

Myth #3: “Renters insurance only covers my personal belongings.”

  • Third party liability is typically included for Property Damage & Bodily Injury.

Myth #4: “Renters insurance is too expensive.” *(US News & World Report)

  • Average cost $15/month

Q: Why do so many tenants not purchase Renters Insurance?

A: Landlords are not requiring Tenants to purchase the coverage.

Q: What happens when a tenant catches your building on fire?

  • If your tenant has Renters Insurance, and the Rental Agreement holds the tenant responsible, the Renters Insurance will pay for repairs to your property.
  • If your tenant does NOT have Insurance, you will have additional costs:
    • Deductible
    • Increased cost of Insurance due to the claim.

If you own multifamily property and do NOT require Renters to carry insurance, I believe you need to ask yourself why.
If you own more than 100 units, there is an easy solution.

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