CREPN 22 Earthquakes & Building Seismic Retrofit with Steve Ge

#CREPN 22 Shake It & Don’t Break It; Earthquakes & Building Seismic Retrofit with Steve Gemmell

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CREPN # 22  Shake It & Don’t Break It; Earthquakes & Building Seismic Retrofit with Steve Gemmell.

Earthquakes are a constant real concern in the Western US and along the Pacific Ring of Fire.


If you are not aware, the standard property insurance policy EXCLUDES “Earth Movement” which includes:

  • Earthquake
  • Tremors & Aftershocks
  • Landslide & Sinking
  • Mine Subsidence
  • Ground Rising or Shifting

However, the resulting fire or explosion is covered.

With this in mind, I sought out a local Earthquake retrofit professional, Steve Gemmell with Earthquake Tech.

I was able to go out into the field and visit a job site where I got a tour of a job they were actively working on was able to see and have a Q & A session.


Steve Gemmell’s background in Earthquake / Seismic Retrofit

  • Inspected thousands of buildings and installed hundreds of seismic retrofits.
  • Consulted with several professional structural engineers and have developed a seismic retrofit method for each foundation type, including an unreinforced masonry design that meets current building codes.
  • Consulted with City of Portland Bureau Development Services regarding their Residential Seismic Strengthening Program effective April 2011.
  • Developed a program for individual & group DIY(do-it-yourself) classes and have consulted with Real Estate agents, Home Inspectors and Insurance agents.

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