48 Point Hazard Checklist for Real Estate Investors And Commercial Landlords!

AMAZING FACT : The checklist is used by National Insurance Companies!

  • Well Maintained Properties are always wanted by insurance companies: If your property checks out favorably against our checklist, there will always be a carrier eager to provide affordable protection for you.
  • Address needed maintenance on your schedule: If you wait for the insurance carrier to find the issue, they will put you on their short clock to fix the matter or face possible cancellation.
  • Reduce Insurance Expenses and increase ROI: When the items listed on our 48 point Hazard Checklist are in order, the Underwriter is able to authorize significant premium rate discounts which result in lower insurance expenditure.
  • The checklist used by National Insurance Companies: Insurance carriers will inspect your property for the hazards they believe determine the likely potential claims. Use our list to do a self inspection and improve your property condition.

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