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Insurance transfers risk through a written contract that specifies more of what is not covered than what is.

Real estate investors, regardless of investment strategy, need a team of experts who specialize in real estate. You need a good real estate broker, a lender, attorney, accountant, property manager and an insurance broker.

I have been working with real estate investors since 1990 to protect them and their assets.

Your insurance policy provides the capital to rebuild and replace your property when damaged from a covered peril. It will also protect you from loss of your assets from a law suit.

Insurance is not “one size fits all”

Underwriters work to find and avoid risk that look like a potential claim. If you are not able to transfer your risk of loss to the insurance company, you are “self insured”.

  • Do you self insure because you focus on paying the least for insurance coverage?
  • Are you properly covered for the risk you have?
  • What does your policy cover?

Regardless of what you are investing in or where, I can provide you with the insurance coverage needed to protect you.

Depending on your type of property exposure; asset class and the class of property will depend on the coverage options available.

If you own older class C multifamily properties, you will pay more for your insurance than if you owned a class A property. Unless, we can demonstrate to an underwriter reasons your property deserves a better price. I work with my clients to do this daily.

Like a well built building, you need a well thought out insurance program designed to provide the coverage you need.

Make certain you are properly insured for your real estate investments.