Skyler 360 – The Future of CRM – CREPN #32

Skyler 360 – The Future of CRM – CREPN #32

The Future is now.  Skyler 360 is the Voice of the Future CRM.  Now a complicated sale can be facilitated by a machine that can interact with the Prospect from the first communication through offer, across multiple channels in real time, that is something BIG.  That is Skyler 360.   [x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]   Communication in the sales process has changed. The first sale involved a buyer & seller communicating face to face. Since then, communication has evolved; Snail mail, Telegram, Overnight delivery, Voice messages, Faxes, Emails, Texts, Drip campaigns, and Video Chat.  The noise is loud and the competition for the Prospect’s attention is fierce. You spend money on advertising to make the phone ring.   The phone rings.  Is it answered? What happens to the Prospect that calls and leaves a message? What if the Prospect calls and leaves no message?

Q: How do you find the BUYERS?

Ron Sasson developed Skyler 360 to overcome this problem. He had an apartment property with multiple vacancies.  He needed them filled.  He was spending money on advertisements, but his property manager was so busy tending to other issues with the property, that he was not able to handle the calls.   Assessing the situation, Ron recognized that his property manager needed help. He recognized that the Q & A process with most applicants started the same:
  • What are you looking for?
  • How many bed rooms?
  • Floor plans
  • Application
  • Rental Agreement
Ron applied his software development background to solve his problem, and Skyler 360 was born. Skyler 360 is capable of interacting with potential tenants/ prospects over
  • Voice mail
  • Text Message SMS
  • Email
  • Calendars
Skyler 360 engages the prospect right away with an appropriate reply to the Prospect’s request for information.  After a few brief back and forth messages between Skyler 360 and the Prospect, the Prospect’s needs are easily determined and qualified against available units. The magic behind Skyler 360 is that the easy back and forth communication feels natural, as if the Seller were actively replying to the Buyer’s questions.  The natural flow of the conversation keeps the Prospect engaged with the Seller.  Skyler 360’s conversation with the Prospect provides the answers to the Prospect’s questions.  All the while, keeping the Prospect from moving on to the next potential property. To complete the sale, Skyler schedules a meeting with Prospect to show the property and sign the lease at a time when the Property Manager is available to meet and close the sale. Ron took me through a separate Demo, and, I was impressed.  I engaged as if I were looking for an apartment.  I called and left a message.  A few short minutes later, I received a text acknowledging my call and asking me an appropriate next question.  The communication with Skyler 360 went back and forth a couple of times, working to narrow what it was I was looking for.  The communication at all times the replies and questions from Skyler 360 was appropriate, natural, and seamless. In addition to the engaged instant communication,

Skyler 360 builds a data base of the prospect.

  Ie: What if your potential customer is looking for a 3BR, and you have none?   Skyler 360 catalogs  my need  for a 3 BR. When you have a 3BR, come available, Skyler 360 can message the potential customer to see if they are still have a need. Recently, Skyler 360 was reviewed by Inman, an exclusive Real Estate Publication and the Houston Business Journal, Skyler 360 can work as a standalone or can be fully integrated with MLS, your website, social media, calendar, accounting system; Yardi, MRI, etc. To learn more or schedule a Demonstration: call: 713-322-4146 goto: skyler360 linkedin: skyler 360   [author title=”About the Author”]]]>

J. Darrin Gross
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