CREPN #128 – Violent Crime Prevention at Your Property with James Holman

CREPN #128 - Violent Crime Prevention at Your Property with James Holman

CREPN #128 – Violent Crime Prevention at Your Property with James Holman

Violent crime is a sad reality in America.  If you watch the news, you know it happens daily at work, nightclubs, homes and church.   [x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]   Regardless of the cause, guns, mental health, drugs, domestic or other, it can happen anytime, anywhere.  Denial of this will not prevent if from happening, but rather make you a potential victim.    Real Estate investors nature is to look for an opportunity to make money.  They may consider rough properties in crime ridden neighborhoods and may not realize the potential danger to violent crime they or their representatives might encounter. James Holman with 540 Tactical works with property owners and professionals to provide training on what they can do to keep themself and their tenants safe.

How to Prevent Violent Crime at Your Property

Violent crime prevention is key to making your property an unattractive option to crime.  The following are some basic proven steps that will encourage criminals to look elsewhere when plotting a crime:
  • Cameras: Video monitoring is a terrific tool to help catch any crime that does take place. With signs, they can inform criminals that someone is watching them.
  • Lighting: a well lite property is an easy way to help tenants and visitors be able to see their surrounds and make safe entry into your property.  A dark property is inviting to criminals.  
  • Landscaping: well trimmed bushes that prevent areas for criminals to hide and wait for an opportunity to attack a victim will encourage the criminal to move along.
  • People: Mandatory Background Checks of all management personnel and residents will help you keep from bringing potential criminals onto our property.  Criminals are more likely to look for the opportunity that will not reveal who they are.

Train your Staff

Awareness is the best tool available to avoid violent crime, and you can take with you everywhere.   In a survey of over 1000 criminals, the number one thing they look for is an unaware person.  If a criminal thinks you are aware of what is going on, they will move on to another potential victim. Be intentionally aware of your surroundings.  Put down your phone, take out your earphones and be aware of your surroundings.  540 Tactical gets it name from 540 degrees of awareness: in front, to the sides, behind and above you is what James recommends.  This simple habit can keep you from being a victim of a crime.

When You Encounter an Anomaly

  1. Get yourself safe
  2. Call 911
  3. Avoid & retreat
Don’t wait until something happens to you, have a conversation and train your staff to keep everyone safe. For more go to: [author title=”About the Author”]]]>

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