CREPN #94 Private Money for Real Estate with Jay Conner

CREPN #94 Private Money for Real Estate with Jay Conner

CREPN #94 Private Money for Real Estate with Jay Conner

Private Money can be the solution to your real estate investing when the bank shuts you down.   [x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]   That’s exactly what happened to my guest Jay Conner after years of successful borrowing and repayment from his bank line of credit he used to fund his real estate deals. At first he did not know what to do.  How was he going to continue without the $1 million line of credit from his bank?   In just ninety days, he found $2,150,000 of private funds at his disposal, and he thanked his bank for shutting him down.

What is Private Money?

For the uninitiated, private money is synonymous with “hard money”.  Hard money is typically provided through a broker for periods from six months to one year. The average interest rate is greater than 15% and requires additional loan origination fees from two to ten percent of the loan. Private money lending connects the borrower and the lender direct.  The rates tend to be more than you will get from a bank, but less than Hard Money.  The length of the loan can go from two to five years, and be interest only.  This allows the borrower to season the property before obtaining long term traditional financing.

Who has private money to lend?

There are two sources of private money.  The first is your warm market which includes friends and family.  The second is those private money lenders who are already in the business of lending their private money.

What are the benefits of using Private Money?

There are many including:
  • The borrower can set the rules.  You offer to pay a rate, for the defined term, and over time, you may be able to grow this for 100% financing!
  • The lender can earn as much as twenty times the national certificate of deposit rate offered at their local bank.
  • The lender’s interest is secured by a deed of trust.
  • Interest only payments!  This is good for both the borrower and the lender.  The borrower can achieve greater cash flow and the lender gets more interest.
  • For larger deals, that may require multiple lenders, those who are agreeable to a junior lien position can be rewarded with higher interest rates.
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