CREPN #144 -Real Estate Investing Vision, Infrastructure and Process

CREPN #144 - Real Estate Investing Vision, Infrastructure and Process with Mark Dolfini

CREPN #144 -Real Estate Investing Vision, Infrastructure and Process

Real Estate Investing is  a team sport. From beginner to experienced veteran, real estate investors need vision, infrastructure and process to grow at scale.   [x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]   If you fool yourself to believe you can go it alone, you will suffer costly avoidable mistakes that experienced investors could have helped you avoid. All the world’s best performers, regardless of discipline, have coaches or mentors who provide valuable feedback that helps them stay on the path towards success. The is where Mark Dolfini shares his twenty years of landlord experience.  shares his twenty years of landlord experience. The wins, losses, and how he mapped his path from a do it yourselfer to a documented success, that is scalable.    


The first step is to create the vision, the map.  How can you achieve your goals if you don’t know where you want to go.   How would you know if you reached your goal if you have no goal? A vague idea is not a vision.  You have to get specific. Identify exactly what you want, and by when.


Infrastructure is the foundation, the track for how to run your real estate business.  Do you have the right tools? The right tool to make achieving your goals easy.  Good infrastructure can appear invisible when it allows your business to run effortlessly.  When your business lacks infrastructure, it is easy to tell. Every problem gets a custom solution.  This is not scalable.


Process is the locomotive that pulls expectations and behavior to a desired outcome.  Process provides the ease so that you can repeat your results. This gives all parties involved a clear expectation for what will happen when they follow the process. Regardless of your desired outcome, or your position in real estate investing, you can do more with less aggravation if will invest in your vision, infrastructure and process. For more go to: The Time-Wealthy Investor [author title=”About the Author”]]]>

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