CREPN 107 – Turnkey Real Estate Investment Strategy with John Larson

CREPN 107 - Turnkey Real Estate Investment Strategy with John Larson

CREPN 107 – Turnkey Real Estate Investment Strategy with John Larson

A turnkey real estate investment strategy can be an excellent way to profit from real estate for an investor wanting diversification. [x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]   John Larson with American Real Estate Investments, works with investors who want a hands-off investment in markets like Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, and Kansas City. FREE 7 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Cash Flowing Investment Property

Turnkey Real Estate Investment Strategy

Turnkey real estate firms match investors with properties that have been renovated and come with a screened tenant in place.  When you invest in turnkey real estate, you have minimal involvement with the property, tenant and management of the property.  You collect a monthly check. Investors working with a turnkey company benefit from the experience and expertise of a company with boots on the ground.  Their physical presence provides an intimate local market knowledge, access to off market properties and relations with reputable contractors.  Many turnkey companies have their own crews to help further contain cost. To start, the investor identifies what they are looking for with the turnkey firm.  Then the company finds a property that meets the investor requirements.  As soon as the property is acquired, the company manages the renovation, and placement of a tenant. Risk versus reward For a higher rate of return, you will need to look in less desirable neighborhoods and be unable to attract tenants with job stability.  John’s experience shows it is better to aim higher given all the opportunities to acquire higher end properties, tenants and rent to higher For more security, lower cash flow, but greater potential appreciation, consider properties located in owner neighborhoods with high average incomes and desirable schools. When you purchase a higher end property and renovate to a level that a potential homeowner would expect, you create more exit opportunities.   If the market appreciates beyond expectations, you can more easily sell to a potential homeowner that wants to own in the neighborhood. For more go to:]]>

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